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    315315When you submit a request through Flukes, it will ask you for the key alias and password. You should use the alias you assigned to this new key and the password used for keystore and keys. Note that you can have multiple key/certificate pairs under different aliases within the same keystore (e.g. one from GPO and one from BEN).  
     317== Gotchas == 
     319While Flukes tries very hard to work well on all platforms, there are some "gotchas" that can be encountered by its users. We have attempted to enumerate them below. 
     3211. Exception containing the text "Illegal key size" 
     322 * Due to the continued export restrictions on crypto in the US, Oracle's implementation of Java is unable to make use of credentials that exceed a certain degree of strength, without the installation of so-called "Unlimited Strength" policy files. 
     323 * In order to resolve the issue, you will need to go to [] and download the "Unlimited Strength" policy files for your version of the JRE or JDK. Please follow the instructions for installing them, then restart Flukes. 
     3252. Unable to find xterm on OS X, version 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or above 
     326 * Beginning with version 10.8 of OS X, Apple has chosen to no longer include X11 in the base OS, as noted here: [] 
     327 * In order to resolve this issue, please download and install XQuartz from: [] 
     328 * Once you have installed XQuartz, you will need to ensure that the "xterm.path" property in your looks like this: '''xterm.path=/opt/X11/bin/xterm'''