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IBM DS3512 configuration notes

The IBM DS3512 is the iSCSI device model that is part of the ExoGENI rack design This page describes the configuration of the ORCA aggregate handler for the DS3512.


Useful SMcli commands

/opt/IBM_DS/client/SMcli <ip of ds3512> -p 'password' -c "create logicalDrive array[pool0] raidLevel=5 userLabel=\"test-lun0\" owner=A segmentSize=128 capacity=100 MB;"

/opt/IBM_DS/client/SMcli <ip of ds3512> -c "show AllLogicalDrives;"

/opt/IBM_DS/client/SMcli <ip of ds3512> -p  'password' -c "set logicalDrive[\"test-lun0\"] logicalUnitNumber=0 host=\"host-name\";"

/opt/IBM_DS/client/SMcli <ip of ds3512> -p 'password' -c "delete logicalDrive [\"test-lun0\"];"