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Building and Deploying GENI-ORCA

=== Prerequisites===

Instructions for Building ORCA

Step by Step build instructions.

Once you have retrieved and built the source tree, it is possible to build a sub project. Simply execute your ant or maven target in a sub project, and it will be excuted within the sub project. This method is much faster for incremental builds rather than building the entire ORCA tree.

Instructions for Deploying ORCA

Installing Tomcat and creating initial inventory

NOTE1: These instructions help set up a local Tomcat with inventory of substrate that allows ORCA to run in emulation mode.

1. Download the Tomcat tar file. ORCA uses a customized Tomcat, so using standard Tomcat is not recommended

2. Create a directory named 'shirako' somewhere

3. Untar the contents of the tomcat tar file into 'shirako' directory

4. Edit shirako/tomcat/ and to set CATALINA_HOME to point to the shirako/tomcat directory

5. Edit shirako/tomcat/conf/server.xml and shirako/tomcat/server/classes/webauth.xml to change references to '/shirako' to the new location of the 'shirako' directory you created.

6. Execute shirako/tomcat/

7. Make sure MySQL is running on your system.

NOTE1: For Mac OS X you can use fink to install mysqld and then

$ cd /sw/bin
$ sudo ./mysqld_safe

This will make sure mysqld is running as long as you don't exit this shell

8. Create a mysql database and populate it

9. Give ANT more heap space. This can be added to ~/.profile

$ export ANT_OPTS="-XX:MaxPermSize=512m -Xms40m -Xmx1024m"

10. Change the Tomcat configuration

$ cp <orca>/tools/cmdline/renci/demo2.xml <orca>/webapp/local/config.xml

Generating the GENI-ORCA web application

1. Create the webapp with the new information by running

$ mvn package

in orca/webapp.

2. Deploy into an already running tomcat instance on the local machine by typing

$ cd <orca>/webapp
$ ant deploy

3. Wait until the actors start ticking before you log into the portal. Check in the log file (tomcat/logs/log) or just wait 45-60 seconds. Either tomcat or ORCA has an annoying race condition during webapp initialization.

Instructions for Deploying Node Agents

Instructions for Deploying Drivers to Node Agents