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Software prerequisites

Build ORCA from source

Once you have retrieved and built the source tree, it is possible to build a sub project. Simply execute your ant or maven target in a sub project, and it will be excuted within the sub project. This method is much faster for incremental builds rather than building the entire ORCA tree.

Deploying GENI-ORCA

Installing Tomcat and creating initial inventory

NOTE 1: These instructions help set up a local Tomcat with inventory of substrate that allows ORCA to run in emulation mode.

1. Download the Tomcat tar file. ORCA uses a customized Tomcat, so using standard Tomcat is not recommended

2. Create a directory named 'shirako' somewhere

3. Untar the contents of the tomcat tar file into 'shirako' directory

4. Edit shirako/tomcat/ and to set CATALINA_HOME to point to the shirako/tomcat directory

5. Edit shirako/tomcat/conf/server.xml and shirako/tomcat/server/classes/webauth.xml to change references to '/shirako' to the new location of the 'shirako' directory you created.

6. Execute shirako/tomcat/

7. Make sure MySQL is running on your system.

NOTE 2: For Mac OS X you can use fink to install mysqld and then

$ cd /sw/bin
$ sudo ./mysqld_safe

This will make sure mysqld is running as long as you don't exit this shell

8. Create a mysql database and populate it

9. Give ANT more heap space. This can be added to ~/.profile

$ export ANT_OPTS="-XX:MaxPermSize=512m -Xms40m -Xmx1024m"

10. Change the Tomcat configuration

$ cp <orca>/tools/cmdline/renci/demo2.xml <orca>/webapp/local/config.xml

Generating the GENI-ORCA web application

1. Create the webapp with the new information by running

$ mvn package

in orca/webapp.

2. Deploy into an already running tomcat instance on the local machine by typing

$ cd <orca>/webapp
$ ant deploy

3. Wait until the actors start ticking before you log into the portal. Check in the log file (tomcat/logs/log) or just wait 45-60 seconds. Either tomcat or ORCA has an annoying race condition during webapp initialization.

Instructions for Deploying Node Agents

Instructions for Deploying Drivers to Node Agents