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Known images with NEuca


This page lists the URLs and SHA-1 hashes of known images that can be used as a starting point for creating more custom images. Note that the URLs point to the ImageProxy XML file and you need to open it to see the URLs of actual image, kernel and ramdisk files.

Also note that it is strongly recommended to always accompany the FILESYSTEM image with the matching kernel and ramdisk, as different sites are not guaranteed to have the same default kernels and ramdisks (this is left to the site administrator).

Look at this page on how to create your own images.

Note: Experienced users may notice that there is only one image of each type. This is possible because it is no longer necessary to create images of different sizes. These images will automatically expand to the size of the selected instance type.


Image Type Metafile URL SHA-1 Hash Notes
Centos 6.3 ea7a22549aee7ae8a164a45e663e822e77464bbb Standard Centos 6.3 image
Debian 6 (squeeze) d1044d9162bd7851e3fc2c57a8251ad6b3641c0c Standard Debian 6 image
Debian 6 (squeeze) + Hadoop e1948a8b67d01b93fd0fb1f78ba5c2b3ce0b41f1 Debian 6 image with Hadoop tools
Debian 6 (squeeze) with OVS 0f897559d6379b2a726bce6a96b7f569a5dc11e6 Standard Debian 6 image with OVS module and userspace programs