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Known images with NEuca


This page lists the URLs and SHA-1 hashes of known images that can be used as a starting point for creating more custom images. Note that the URLs point to the ImageProxy XML file and you need to open it to see the URLs of actual image, kernel and ramdisk files.

Also note that it is strongly recommended to always accompany the FILESYSTEM image with the matching kernel and ramdisk, as different sites are not guaranteed to have the same default kernels and ramdisks (this is left to the site administrator).

Look at this page on how to create your own images.


Image name Image Type Metafile URL SHA-1 Hash
deb6-2g Debian 6 (squeeze) with NEuca, 2G image 0866827ee71324fbbe273c9e8f4f1c142a548e11
deb6-5g Debian 6 (squeeze) with NEuca, 5G image 0d9f01df3cf8cbbc72540b7312933d796086f843
deb6-10g Debian 6 (squeeze) with NEuca, 10G image 37be20318e70f82706bbb65ce842a55f710dd457
deb6-20g Debian 6 (squeeze) with NEuca, 20G image f15c36a9ca81d93af536fab9e41b92477655d1cb

Images that require ImageProxy with zfilesystem. These images are compressed sparse files designed to be staged and booted 10x faster than the standard images above. It is highly recommended that you use/package images like these.

Image name Image Type Instance size Metafile URL SHA-1 Hash
deb6-2g-zfilesystem Debian 6 (squeeze) with NEuca, 2G image (requires ImageProxy with zfilesystem) m1.small 6a8a8466aef43774bf2e309af47ce876ba793f36
deb6-5g-zfilesystem Debian 6 (squeeze) with NEuca, 5G image (requires ImageProxy with zfilesystem) d74dfdb68836fca8240fb634de8c4bc2e40f592e
deb6-10g-zfilesystem Debian 6 (squeeze) with NEuca, 10G image (requires ImageProxy with zfilesystem) 4164446d4ae96087b49ba81e9a3d6b2bc305d004
deb6-20g-zfilesystem Debian 6 (squeeze) with NEuca, 20G image (requires ImageProxy with zfilesystem) ec57dafbbf998e8ae5bb8feff95d5c19d466cc40