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    Welcome to GENI ORCA Project

    ORCA is a Control Framework to provision virtual networked system via Secure and Efficient management of Heterogeneous Resource over multiple substrate sites and domains. It is originally developed by the NICL Lab at Duke University, and lately joined by the Networking Group at The Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI).

    It is currently funded by the GENI Project Office, as one of the control framework prototypes for GENI, and the flagship project of Cluster D.

    ORCA Software releases

    ORCA releases are named after typical sites where whale watchers go to see live orca whales.

    Future names: Bella, Camano, Dungeness, Eastsound, FourWinds

    Setting up ORCA


    Developing ORCA

    1. ORCA development environment
    1. Develop new plug-ins for ORCA

    1. NDL based OWL extension and crosslayer transport network provisioning service
    2. Security?


    ORCA Documentation Page is a good place to go, for various guidances and manuals in deploying ORCA and customization.
    ORCA Guides page at Duke.
    ORCA Reading List provides a list of papers/documents essential to understand GENI requirements and ORCA design.

    ORCA events

    Project Management

    Page template to use when specifying a new task

    GENI Spiral 1:

    GENI Spiral 2:

    Various Outdated Notes

    The ORCA team at RENCI and Duke