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Welcome to GENI ORCA Project

ORCA is a Control Framework to provision virtual networked system via Secure and Efficient management of Heterogeneous Resource over multiple substrates or domains.

It is currently funded by the GENI Project Office, as one of the control framework prototypes for GENI, and the flagship project of Cluster D.

ORCA Software releases

ORCA releases are named after typical sites where whale watchers go to see live orca whales.

Future names: Bella, Camano, Dungeness, Eastsound, FourWinds

Setting up ORCA

Setting up ORCA

ORCA events

Our Approach

We use NDL-OWL - a further development of the Network Description Language, for the BEN network resource description, slice requests and slice descriptors. We have extended the original NDL using OWL. We are also in the process of including more technologies into the NDL-OWL schema. We use a number of tools to create and manipulate NDL-OWL ontologies.

Project Management

Page template to use when specifying a new task

We plan to execute the project into multiple phases:

Phases II and on will involve slicing BEN in multiple dimensions, dynamic computation of slices and other capabilities.

Various todo lists:

Various Outdated Notes


ORCA Documentation Page is a good place to go, for various guidances and manuals in deploying ORCA and customization.

ORCA Guides page at Duke

ORCA Reading List provides a list of papers/documents essential to understand GENI requirements and ORCA design.

The ORCA team at RENCI and Duke