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    5858 * Node services - ORCA allows specifying post-boot actions in post-boot scripts. In RSpec there is an 'execute' service that can be used to do similar tasks. The contents of 'execute' service is converted into a post-boot script typically executed at rc level 99 as '''root'''. To specify a post-boot action, create a service definition in the node and 
    5959   * Specify a shell ("sh" or "/bin/sh" or other, preferably with complete path within the image, e.g. "/usr/bin/python") 
    60    * Specify the script in the command attribute. 
     60   * Specify the script in the 'command' attribute. 
     61   * Alternatively, you can specify an entire multi-line boot script as part of 'secvices_post_boot_script' element (note the script text must be [ HTML-escaped]): 
     63<rspec xmlns="" 
     64      xmlns:pbs="" 
     65      xmlns:xsi="" 
     66      xsi:schemaLocation="" 
     67      type="request"> 
     68 <node client_id="foo"> 
     69   <services> 
     70     <pbs:services_post_boot_script type="velocity"> 
     72echo "Hello from post boot script" 
     73# $Group1.get(0) is handled by velocity 
     74echo $Group1.get(0) master  &gt;&gt; /etc/hosts 
     75     </pbs:services_post_boot_script> 
     76   </services> 
     77 </node> 
    6180 * Dataplane IP address - ORCA allows the user to specify the IP address of an interface in a slice dataplane (not to be confused with the management address through which the user logs in). This can be done by adding an 'ip' element within an interface definition (see example above) 
    6281 * Management IP address - the address from which the user can have ssh access the sliver. This cannot be specified and is reported as 'service' element within the manifest RSpec. Note that the port may not be 22, as some sites lack direct access to the Internet and use NAT. For these sites Gush may not work well as it requires a listening port open on the sliver which in this case will not be NATted.  
    81100== Manifests ==  
    83 ORCA GENI AM compatibility API produces manifests consistent with [ RSpec v2 manifest] schema and the [ stitching schema]. 
     102ORCA GENI AM compatibility API produces manifests consistent with [ GENI RSpec v3] schema and the [ stitching schema]. 
    85104== What is not supported == 
    89108 * Nodegroups and nodegroup ORCA-driven splitting, automated dataplane address assignment 
    90  * Boot script templates 
    91109 * Functional dependencies between nodes