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Deploying ORCA as binary webapp and from source

ORCA webapp can be deployed into Tomcat in a variety of ways.

Deploying binary webapp downloaded from

After you filled in the configuration files in $ORCA_HOME, and downloaded and installed Tomcat you can deploy the ORCA webapp.

Copy the downloaded orca.war file into Tomcat's webapps directory, then start Tomcat:

$ cp orca.war $ORCA_HOME/tomcat/webapps/
$ cd $ORCA_HOME/tomcat
$ ./

Watch the log file $ORCA_HOME/tomcat/logs/orca.log

Deploying weabapp built from source

  • Start tomcat.
  • Assuming you've downloaded ORCA source and built it, setup the MySQL database and configured ORCA
  • On the development host modify the property which points to which container ORCA should be deployed to: modify the target.server property in $ORCA_SRC/webapp/ant/ .
  • Package and deploy the war file (the last step will deploy ORCA into the previously started Tomcat):
    dev-host$ cd $ORCA_SRC/webapp
    dev-host$ mvn clean package
    dev-host$ ant deploy