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Common ORCA error handling scenarios

When creating slices using ORCA, errors may occur. These errors occur during one of two phases:

  1. Slice embedding and resource allocation, when ORCA examines the slice requests and decides on the embedding of virtual resources into the substrate.
  2. Resource provisioning, when ORCA starts issuing provisioning commands to different parts of the substrate

Errors can be persistent or transient. Transient error typically go away if you close and resubmit the slice request. Persistent errors require modifying the slice request or how the experimenter is submitting it.

The table below lists common error types and possible solutions:

Error message Category Type Explanation Troubleshooting
edge domain does not exist Embedding Persistent You are trying to bind your request
to a domain unknown to the controller
Try using ExoSM
insufficient resources Embedding Transient ORCA is unable to find the resources
to satisfy the request
(a) Wait or
(b) Relax resource binding in the request to allow ORCA
find you the resources in other domains
resources failed to join Provisioning Transient or Persistent ORCA is unable to provision the requested
resource (VM, baremetal host, vlan) due to an unspecified error in OpenStack, xCAT or a switch
Close the slice and retry. Make sure the boot image is valid.
check_image_size error Provisioning Persistent ORCA is unable to provision the requested
VM because the selected image does not fit into the VM
Increase the size of the VM
ImageProxy unable to retrieve
image: org.apache.axis2.AxisFault
Provisioning Transient ORCA is unable to access the VM image due to
ImageProxy error
Close the slice and retry
incorrect image URL in ImageProxy Provisioning Persistent ORCA is unable to provision the requested
VM because the specified guest image URL invalid or
the hash of the metafile does not match
Verify the metafile SHA-1 hash,
verify the URL of the metafile in the request