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ORCA for an Aggregate Owner


NEuca and ORCA

ORCA works with a number of substrates - network and edge resources. The most common type of edge substrate is a Eucalyptus cluster with NEuca extensions. You can deploy the cluster, add an ORCA installation and create an infrastructure that is usable by both GENI researchers and other groups, where resources can be strictly partitioned by delegating them to different brokers. You retain complete control of your infrastructure and decide how resources are apportioned between those delegated for external use and those reserved for your own users.

Other substrate types are also supported. For example, ORCA can provision a multi-layered BEN metro optical testbed, NLR Framenet (using Sherpa interface) and several other testbeds.


For the common authority actor controlling a Eucalyptus cluster follow the steps outlined in Authority installation and deployment document.