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ORCA Config files and directory structure


Once you decide which host ORCA container will run on, you can begin configuring ORCA on it. All of ORCA-specific configuration is contained under $ORCA_HOME directory (typically /opt/orca), which must be declared in Tomcat start/stop scripts.

Set $ORCA_HOME. Change ownership of this directory to the user on whose behalf the euca site authority is going to run. 'geni-orca' is the user and 'nonrenci' is the group in this example. The user and group are presumed to exist.

$ export ORCA_HOME=/opt/orca 
$ mkdir -p $ORCA_HOME 
$ chown -R geni-orca:nonrenci .

Create config/ and runtime/ directories for storing container configuration, actor configuration and Axis2 credentials:

$ cd $ORCA_HOME; mkdir runtime config 

Populate directories


An example of '' for a container with site authority actors managing an Eucalyptus/NEuca cluster and a network switch can be found here. Please modify this file to tailor to your installation - change 'protocols.soapaxis2.url' and 'container.guid' properties to point to the correct soapaxis url and a new guid respectively. To make the actors in the container talk to the RENCI Actor Registry, follow instructions for configuring with registry. From Camano 3.0+, this is the recommended way to connect to other actors (Brokers, SMs). Name this file '' and place it in $ORCA_HOME/config

$ cp $HOME/ $ORCA_HOME/config/ 


This file contains the definitions of ORCA actors placed in this container. The contents is heavily dependent on your deployment type. Please refer to top-level documentation for more information.