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     1= Introduction = 
     3Orca is a software framework and open-source platform to manage a programmatically controllable shared substrate, which may include servers, storage, networks, or other components. This class of systems is often called cloud computing or utility computing. 
     5The Orca software is deployed as a control framework for a prototype GENI facility. We see GENI as an ambitious futuristic vision of cloud networks as a platform for research in network science and engineering. 
     7An Orca deployment is a dynamic collection of interacting control servers (actors) that work together to provision and configure resources for each guest according to the policies of the partici- pants. The actors represent various stakeholders in the shared infrastructure: substrate providers, resource consumers (e.g., GENI experimenters), and brokering intermediaries that coordinate and federate substrate providers and offer their resources to a set of consumers. 
     9Orca is based on the foundational abstraction of resource leasing. A lease is a contract involving a resource consumer, a resource provider, and one more brokering intermediaries. Each actor may manage large numbers of independent leases involving different participants. 
     11== Nomenclature == 
     13 * Substrate - a collection of resources under specific administrative ownership. Examples of substrate are servers (virtualizable or not), network links, data sets, measurement resources.  
     14 * Sliver - a smallest unit of some resource that is independently programmable and/or indepen- dently controllable in some resource-specific fashion. Each sliver is granted from a single substrate provider.Example of a sliver can be a Virtual Machine created inside a cloud of a specific provider. 
     15 * Slices combine multiple slivers from multiple substrate providers into a coherent set usable by an experimenter or application. Usually slivers in a slice need to be connected to be usable, although this requirement can be relaxed under some circumstances. 
     16 * Guest - a distributed software environment running within collection of slivers configured to order, possibly from different substrate providers. Some guests will be long-running services that require different amounts of resources at different stages of execution. The guests may range from virtual desktops to complex experiments to dynamic instantiations of distributed applications and network services.