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Creating a non-standard ORCA installation


Under some circumstances it may be necessary to create multiple ORCA containers on the same host or create an ORCA container on non-standard port. This document describes the procedure.


  1. Pick a port (e.g. 12080)
  2. Create a database called orca12080 and fill it in according to this (steps 0-3). It's ok to retain the same user ('orca') on the new database. In database setup step 1, change orca.* to orca12080.* if your new database name is orca12080. Edit full.schema.sql and to point them to the right database name by changing the first line to "USE orca12080" .
  3. Create a copy of webapp/ directory and modify the pointers to the database in the following files: (see last FAQ): Modify ant/ to point to the new container. You will be running 'ant deploy' from this directory. Set the "export ANT_OPTS="-Xms256m -Xmx256m" " if you run into "Out of Memory" error.
  4. Create a new orca home (e.g. /opt/orca-12080) and put a new tomcat in it (/opt/orca-12080/tomcat). Populate the new $ORCA_HOME as needed (config/ and others)
  5. Modify the tomcat/conf/server.xml for tomcat to listen on a new port (12080), Server port (8005), and AJP connector port (8009) need to be changed to unique values too, and start/ scripts for new port and ORCA_HOME location