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Configuring ORCA OSCARS/ION handler


ORCA OSCARS/ION handler provides Orca with the interface to control Internet2 ION and ESnet OSCARS dynamic circuit services which provide VLAN-like MPLS service between connected sites.


Orca invoked OSCARS/ION client API via shell scripts. The client API first must be installed under $ORCA_HOME and a properties file needs to be created to communicate the configuration to ORCA. The client API must be configured with user certificate issued by Internet2 or ESnet to the user that has rights to create circuit reservations.

Installing OSCARS/ION client software

  • Follow these instructions to install the software under $ORCA_HOME/oscars. Two subdirectories must be present after you're done: $ORCA_HOME/oscars/axis2-1.4.1 and $ORCA_HOME/oscars/OSCARS-client-api.
  • Get user credentials from Internet2 or ESnet and install your certificate into OSCARS.jks as described in the document above
  • Modify $ORCA_HOME/oscars/OSCARS-client-api/examples/repo/axis2.xml to point to $ORCA_HOME/oscars/OSCARS-client-api/examples/repo/rampConfig.xml
  • Modify $ORCA_HOME/oscars/OSCARS-client-api/examples/repo/rampConfig.xml to point to $ORCA_HOME/oscars/OSCARS-client-api/examples/repo/OSCARS.jks
  • Test the installation by running a reservation from the client using $ORCA_HOME/oscars/OSCARS-client-api/examples/ script as described in these instructions

Configure ORCA handler

Modify the following property file and install it under $ORCA_HOME/oscars/