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Publishing SM manifests to XMPP

Starting from Orca 3.1-extended the SMs are capable of publishing the manifests of slices that are being created (as they are being created) to a preconfigured XMPP server. The configuration is enabled by the following properties in the $ORCA_HOME/config/ file:

# ORCA pubsub properties
# This is the xmpp user id (JID), which has to be same as the CN in the certificate, which is a guid

The structure of the pubsub namespace is as follows. Every SM has a portion of namespace that begins with a prefix


Within that namespace there is a node named


This is an ASCII document that has a structure similar to the output of 'ls' command in UNIX - it lists available manifest nodes within the SM namespace that can be subscribed to to get state change updates. Each line of the document is as follows:

/slice name/slice guid/create date/close date

Using this information it is possible to subscribe to individual manifests, whose full names are as follows:

/orca/sm/<sm-name>---<sm-guid>/<slice name>---<slice guid>/manifest

There is a software daemon named [src: 'blowhole'] that is capable of subscribing to incoming manifests for some subset of SMs for a particular XMPP server and have them converted to RSpec.