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     1Orca TODO List 
     3* Change the build to use a maven repository at RENCI 
     4* Move the continuous build system from DUKE to RENCI 
     5* Move the orca web site to RENCI 
     6* Reorganize the continuous build system to have multiple sub-projects 
     7* Improve and update the documentation 
     8** First step: describe how to set the dev environment 
     9* Simplify installation. Can we have a wizzard? 
     10* Add unit tests at every possible level 
     11* Add functional tests at every possible level 
     12* Determine the license and text to use as header in source files. The current text is Duke-specific. The license is Eclipse. I would like to keep Eclipse as the license. 
     13* Run with real resources 
     15Code-level items 
     17* Add support for Amazon and Eucalyptus 
     18* Make cross-actor calls asynchronous (should not hold the master lock) 
     19* Move database and guid configuration from the xml file to the Move the globals section from config.xml to 
     20* Move the image library into cod 
     21* Cleanup cod: there is some dead/must be better code 
     22* Index actors using guid instead of actor name (avoid name collisions) 
     23* Change management API to use actor guid instead of actor name 
     24* Audit the management API and check how we handle authentication and authorization 
     25* Review the management API and determine what needs to be pulled down to the core and what should stay in the standard management package 
     26* Decide if there are missing management API and add them 
     27* Audit all security checks