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    1717 * NDL code should improve the performance of the label assignment policy and label range update utility in the model  
    1818 * From Brian Lynn: I wonder if it would be possible in the next release of ORCA for the SOAP messages to not be fully logged at level info? Maybe log them with level debug? 
     19 * While trying to create a slice in the user tab, there is an exception that says "error while fetching clients list". This might be because ServiceManagerManagerObject  class  does not have a getClients() method, which is being called from the related velocity template (however similar methods are available in AgentManagerObject and AuthorityManagerObject class). (via Prateek) 
     20 * While creating multiple reservations on the user tab, if there are already existing reservations using >= 4 units (in total) in "Active" state, the next reservation created stays in "Redeeming Ticket" state and never goes to "Active" state, even if there are 100 units available. When one of the existing "Active" reservations are closed, the state changes to "Active" from "Redeeming Ticket". 
     21 * When trying to "Close" a reservation on "Redeeming ticket" state, the state changes to "Closing" and never gets to "Closed". 
     22 * When trying to "Remove" an "Active" reservation, it throws a -11000 internal error. The exception trace has the right error message - "Only reservations in closed, failed... states can be removed". This should be propagated to the portal. 
     23 * When any reservation creation fails, the reservation remains in "Obtaining Ticket" state. Patch sent by Prateek ? 
     24 * When there is a failure in creating a reservation, the "Type" field on the portal remains "In progress.." 
     25 * On the broker tab, if you claim with non-existent Reservation Id, it throws -11000 internal error. Should say "wrong reservation id". This also makes an entry in the Inventory with "Obtaining ticket" status that never goes to "Failed" state. This entry can't be removed either. 
     26 * On the broker tab, if you claim resources on a non-existent slice, it throws an exception. Need better error message. 
     27 * On the broker tab, if you claim again for the same ResId for a different slice, it throws a -11000 internal error. Need better error message. 
     28 * Can't remove a slice that was created on the broker tab. Says "Sorry : is not supported". 
     29 * Site -> view exported resources -> manage . Sometimes the Units entry says "An error occured while fetching unit info.." 
     30 * (not critical) Creating a new service manager actor on the admin tab, broker type selection is cryptic (site->soapaxis2 etc..). The SM actor creation fails with a -11000. 
     31 * On the site tab, several portal displays are broken - "View Inventory" shows ${machine_names} et al., "View Resource Pools" throws "Invalid Pool name" rror when clicking on manage, Policy -> manage doesn't work, "View Reservations" gives all "Type"s as "In progress.." etc. 
     32 * The emulation mode will not work if you don't have demo.inventory.sql inserted into the mysql store. 
    2034== Features ==