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    3333 * Re-deploying site requires redeploying broker - VERY BAD! 
    3434   * When you redeploy - don't wipe the state recovery file: this will preserve existing reservations. HOWEVER: there is a bug now that prevents expanding the packages if the state recovery lock file is present. Aydan will fix #145. Every actor is designed to work like that. If a broker is blown away, service managers will continue working until they need extend. Basically we need to fix recovery bugs if there are any but by design, redeploying should be fine. Recovery is most problematic on SM and Authorities. Eucalyptus is made to recover but not well tested. 
     35    There is no way to close a source reservation. Perhaps we can add a 'Reset' button to the broker? This will purge ALL reservations.  
    3536 * If a parent reservation fails, should children be allowed to go on? 
    3637   * There is a concept of 'deferral'. If you don't have enough resources, you can send back partial resources, which is why this makes sense. We may need to add a property on the control for the resource pool, a new property 'non-deferrable' may need to be added. There is a binary predicate that determines whether a redeem is possible (yes redeem/no redeem/no redeem and release). The children reservation get tickets and they need to be cleaned up if a parent fails on redeem. This needs to be a transaction. Predecessor reservations need to be closed, however we may need to wait until they are done redeeming, as closing in redeeming state is difficult.