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    3636    There is no way to close a source reservation. Perhaps we can add a 'Reset' button to the broker? This will purge ALL reservations. What we want is to wipe information about reservations from a particular site on a broker. The problem is that reservations cause creation of resource pools for policies. Those need to be cleaned out too. This would be a FEATURE 
     38    Final solution: Need a 'Clean Shutdown' on a site authority. AND allow the broker to reimport from new claims and let  old tickets hang until they expire. Extend will not work anymore (as per Jeff) 
    3740 * If a parent reservation fails, should children be allowed to go on? 
    3841   * There is a concept of 'deferral'. If you don't have enough resources, you can send back partial resources, which is why this makes sense. We may need to add a property on the control for the resource pool, a new property 'non-deferrable' may need to be added. There is a binary predicate that determines whether a redeem is possible (yes redeem/no redeem/no redeem and release). The children reservation get tickets and they need to be cleaned up if a parent fails on redeem. This needs to be a transaction. Predecessor reservations need to be closed, however we may need to wait until they are done redeeming, as closing in redeeming state is difficult.