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    4040 * Bugs 
    4141   * ~~Why are edge specifications in topology sensitive to direction (from service to broker, from broker to site)?~~ 
    42    * updateTicket throws null pointer exceptions after initial reservation request fails because broker cannot fulfill it (per Prateek) 
    4342   * ~~Broker [attachment:"Screen shot 2010-07-15.png" view] shows site actors, however when clicked shows broker credentials~~ 
    44    * In at least one instance a site container was restarted between and a join and a leave and a leave did not work after that (Euca at RENCI). 
    45    * The container with the interdomain controller stopped ticking abruptly. Two requests were issued and closed successfully two days before this happened. When a new request was issued, after the interdomain path was computed, everything halted. orca.log wasn't growing. 'View Reservations' on the portal was showing only one reservation in 'Nascent' state. 
    47  * Miscellaneous/core 
    48    * Clean up SM policy and controller APIs to avoid problems like with close() 
    49    * Add 'exportAll' to the config file 
    50    * Add instantiating a controller from config file vs. GUI 
    51    * Can [ CXF] replace Axis2 or can we upgrade Axis2? 
    53  * Network drivers 
    54    * Improve 6509 driver performance by caching login sessions 
    55    * Consider separating adding a QoS profile to vlan from vlan creation. This may be needed to deal with vlan delays and in general give more flexibility. 
    57  * NDL policies 
    58    * Should improve the performance of the label assignment policy and label range update utility in the model  
    59    * Review the code for static members and general structure 
    60    * Multipoint BEN and Sherpa 
    61    * Investigate persistent triple store from BBN 
    62    * Can we have controller (ID controller) query NDL's on demand instead of only in the beginning 
    64  * Utilities 
    65    * Sanity checking script for container actor configuration files (check guids, check locations, check edges) 
    67  * Can we use cytoscape to visualize our RDFs in a useful way (example: in the registry add an option to show a visualization of the delegated resources)?