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Bella 2.2

Pre-release todo list

  • Redeploy bug #145
  • Merge branch 2.2-beta to trunk, validate (XMLRPC-controller in emulation mode)
  • Convert project to use Artifactory (SSL certificate)
  • Registry log4j implementation #180
  • Neuca start/stop scripts #179
  • Check that ticket #178 is fixed (wavelength continuity)
  • Re-enable certificate validation?

Features to include

  • Local NEuca topology embedding with IP address assignment from NDL
  • Updated registry with #180
    • Verification of registration (client IP vs. registering URL)
    • Timing out of stale entries (assuming clients periodically re-register).
    • Validation of registrations (e.g. show localhost registrations in web gui, but not over XMLRPC, color-code suspicious registrations)
  • GENI AM API without security (essentially as is)
  • Hardened NEuca support
    • start/stop scripts. Verify that they always return resources (like public IPs) back. #179
  • Working emulation setup with 1 actor of each type emulating a NEuca site
  • NDL code
    • Ensure proper wavelength continuity for DTN circuits #178
  • Network drivers
    • Make sure 'ports' parameter in handler gets cleaned up across handlers (6509, 3200, 3400) (it used to be two parameters/sets of ports now converging into one)
  • OF controller (as is)
    • OF controller needs to package the scripts it uses(?)

Need further investigation

  • If a parent reservation fails, should children be allowed to go on?
    • There is a concept of 'deferral'. If you don't have enough resources, you can send back partial resources, which is why this makes sense. We may need to add a property on the control for the resource pool, a new property 'non-deferrable' may need to be added. There is a binary predicate that determines whether a redeem is possible (yes redeem/no redeem/no redeem and release). The children reservation get tickets and they need to be cleaned up if a parent fails on redeem. This needs to be a transaction. Predecessor reservations need to be closed, however we may need to wait until they are done redeeming, as closing in redeeming state is difficult.
  • Can/Should we get rid of RENCI-net UNC-net authorities? So we can have a single authority controlling EX3200?
  • Do we need to do anything regarding support for close()? How do we deal with closing source reservations?
    • Probably yes, pending more testing from Brian. Early close is related to the problem above with parent reservations.


  • Can we do 'selective' db wipeout between redeployments?
  • Bugs
    • Why are edge specifications in topology sensitive to direction (from service to broker, from broker to site)?
    • Broker view shows site actors, however when clicked shows broker credentials