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Bella 2.0

This is the first release for GENI Spiral 2.

  1. This release contains major changes compared to the Anacortes releases:
  • COD has been obsoleted. A new substrate API exists
  • There is a rudimentary lease vacate feature which requires support from the service manager
  • A handler for NLR Sherpa
  • Service manager that exposes an XML-RPC interface similar to protoGENI
  • Actor registry component that includes both a website and an XML-RPC API
  • Improved testing of individual components
  • Multiple redeem predecessor support - a tree is no longer a requirement
  • Broker policy with queueing
  • Eucalyptus handler and policy
  • Extended NDL support - for SMs as well as site authorities

  1. Download Bella 2.0:
    $ export ORCA_ROOT=<top of the future source tree>
    $ cd $ORCA_ROOT
    $ svn co build-all
  2. Follow the regular build instructions for building and deploying