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    1010 * How can we pass port configuration from the switches into the log from failure of operations? 
    1111   * if you specify a task property as '' (Config class) will be passed back (with stripped '') and the property will be attached to the unit for which the handler was executed ( -> blah) however failed units aren't sent back to e.g. SM. Logging it in the handler is possible. Logging is probably easiest. Also possible to attach it to the reservation and pass it as a property. There is also a notice mechanism that can be used to pass it back to the reservation.  
     12   * Problem is related to using Ant as the basis for handler scripts. To look at changing to using Jython as the engine, look at Config class. One issue may be checking progress of the operation. Jeff has details on this (added for one of the demos). Some code in AntConfig class may be generically useful and would have to be pushed up.  
    1214 * Do we still an interactor deadlock problem? 
    1315    * Yes. Needs fixing. Every inter-actor call holds big lock. Across multiple containers it is possible for call and response to be in different threads, which may cause deadlock. The solution is when calls are made across actors, they are not done while holding the big lock. The issue is handling exceptions.