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Camano 3.1-extended


Camano 3.1-extended will add the following features:

  • Substrate support
    • Bare-metal provisioning
      • xCAT handler
      • Policy and NDL support
    • OpenStack provisioning
      • OpenStack
      • Extended EC2 handler to collect VM-to-worker binding
      • Ticket #236
    • G8264R (IBM switch) handler + tasks
      • Replaced by FlowVisor handler that starts NOX instances for each VLAN. Until the switch gets a hybrid mode support.
  • ABAC support
  • Network code refactoring
    • Add subchannel provisioning between ports (VLANs or lambda)
  • OpenFlow support
    • FlowVisor API tasks
      • Modify code produced by Namgon
    • Ontology extensions
    • Simple policy extensions to have OF running within and between racks (no external OF substrates)
      • OF L3 as per discussion on 12/19/2011. Only needs minor extension to call on handler to restrict user to a single VLAN within one switch.
  • GENI AM API compliance
    • API v1
      • Ad conversion
    • API v2
  • GMOC reporting
    • Report manifests over XMPP