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Camano 3.1

Release Notes


Camano 3.1 is primarily a bug-fix release. It also marks the beginning of ORCA operations in beta. Capabilities previously demonstrated are now available to external users on the limited set of resources available to ORCA.


  • There are minor changes to configuration files for SM actor and XMLRPC controller within it due to GENI authorization being turned on by default.
  • ORCA native API has changed and the python scripts previously used to exercise it have been updated (including the use of certificates for authorization)
  • The use of Tomcat 7 slightly changes the way code is deployed in the container

Bug List

  • Bugs
    • SM Race #210
    • Close/Renew problem #211
    • 'Bunch of VMs request' #212
    • refactoring #213, #216
    • Authorization issue #214
    • Transient classpath problem #215
    • updateTicket throws null pointer exceptions after initial reservation request fails because broker cannot fulfill it (per Prateek)
    • The container with the interdomain controller stopped ticking abruptly. Two requests were issued and closed successfully two days before this happened. When a new request was issued, after the interdomain path was computed, everything halted. orca.log wasn't growing. 'View Reservations' on the portal was showing only one reservation in 'Nascent' state.
  • Resurrect unit tests.

Ticket Reports