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Notes on ORCA Eastsound 5.0

The major enhancement of Eastsound5.0 is the addition of state recovery for actors and controllers which allow them to be restarted without losing slice state information. Also added were

  • Support for CouchDB for actor registry
  • Support for legacy VLAN provisioning on BNT G8264
  • OVS 'pseudo wire' support
  • Boot console logging on boot failures
  • Various fixes to bare-metal node provisioning

Migration Notes

ORCA 5.0 requires that MySQL be modified - table structure and limits need to be changed. The full.schema.sql has already been modified (for creating new tables). The existing tables can be modified using the script below.

First you have to change the /etc/my.cnf file:

Under the [mysqld] section add this line:


Also, you need to change the schemas for both mysql databases (for both containers). Drop and rebuild the tables using full.schema.sql files as described here.


ORCA 5.0 includes integration with CouchDB to support the actor registry. The code for CouchDB is located here.