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Pre-alpha ORCA release

This is a tar-ball that contains all of ORCA (including custom Tomcat) that can be extracted and will run in emulation mode (no substrate is needed). * The default configuration assumes 3 existing actors: broker, site and service, as well as 2 inventory machines: go-1, go-2, and an nfs server: go-nfs. A default user account "admin" is also built-in.

== Prerequisites==

ORCA Source Directory

  • ./orca contains the ORCA source code and configuration.
  • ./tomcat contains the customized Tomcat in order to run ORCA.
  • ./software (optional) contains a copy of the ANT and Maven
  • environment sets up the environment in order to compile and deploy ORCA with default tools installation location
  • ./config contains the default configuration file to run ORCA (config.xml) and the associated Mysql database.
    • config.xml: default orca configuration that would be copied to $ORCA_WEB/trunk/local
    • duke.images.sql: default Mysql configuration for the VM image.
    • duke.inventory.sql: default Mysql configuration with 2 inventory machines
  • creates the keys in order to talk the Maven remote repository in Renci (
    • the default user is "geni-orca", a sudoer.
  • is a simple script to install the ORCA Master and start the Automat Web GUI for ORCA

Prepare the Mysql database

  • /etc/init.d/mysqld start
  • mysql -u root -p
    • [enter your admin password]
    • >grant all privileges on ${ORCA_DB_NAME}.* to '${ORCA_DB_USER}'@'$HOST' identified by '${ORCA_DB_USER_PASSWORD}';
    • >drop database if exists orca;
    • >create database orca;
    • >USE orca;
    • >exit;
  • ./ (The default password for user 'orca' is empty, as specified in 'environment')

Install, Compile and Run ORCA web portal

  • mkdir orca
  • download go.tar.gz here
  • tar -xzf go.tar.gz
  • source environment
  • ./
  • ./
  • In a browser, http://localhost:8080/orca
  • Login as "admin" with empty password
  • Go to 'User' -> 'add public key' to copy &paste a public key. (this's one in ./config/orca_dsa)
  • Then try 'New reservation'


  • ./

More Help

ORCA Documentation