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     1= BEN VLAN Broker Policy = 
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     5Status: PENDING 
     7== User Story == 
     9A BEN VLAN Site authority delegates to a BEN VLAN Broker (e.g., the BEN VLAN clearing house) the right to allocate VLANs from BEN. Service managers contact the BEN VLAN crearing house to request a BEN VLAN.  
     11== Technical Specification == 
     13The BEN site exports VLAN resource to the broker by specifying: 
     14  * a resource type (a guid) 
     15  * number of VLANs available 
     16  * a resource property "ben.vlan=true" to indicate the delegated resource is a BEN VLAN 
     18The broker policy keeps track of the available number of VLANs. Each client request can demand exactly 1 VLAN. Requests that demand 0 or more than 1 VLANs should be rejected. To satisfy a request, the broker policy must determine if it has an available VLAN over the requested interval. If no VLANs are available over the requested interval, the request should be rejected. If a VLAN is available, the broker issues and signs a ticket to the service manager. 
     21== Implementation Notes == 
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     25== Related Tickets == 
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