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BEN VLAN Site Policy

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User Story

The BEN VLAN site policy will enable an Orca-based site to allocate and create VLANs from BEN.

Technical Specification

This should be a rather simple policy. The policy works in conjunction with the BEN VLAN clearing house, which will be responsible for issuing tickets for BEN VLANs. Each BEN VLAN ticket is a token that grant its holder the right to a single BEN VLAN. Note that tickets issued by the clearing house do not specify the actual VLAN tag id to be used by the BEN VLAN site.

The site policy starts with a range (continuous?) of VLAN tag identifiers that it can assign to satisfy requests granted by the BEN VLAN clearing house. A VLAN tag is an integer (What is the valid range? Are there some reserved values?). To satisfy a request for a new VLAN, the policy must choose an unused VLAN tag. The policy then must create a NodeGroup? with a single Node and set a property on the Node (unit.vlan.tag) to the vlan tag that must be created.

This policy works together with a handler associated with the BEN VLAN resource type, which in turn is responsible for creating the BEN VLAN with the given VLAN tag.

Note: the vlan tag id created by the policy should be propagated back to the service manager redeeming the reservation. Note: NodeGroup? and Node may not be the best choice for this particular resource. We may need to rethink the NodeGroup/Node? hierarchy and how it relates to resources that are not physical or virtual machines.

Implementation Notes

This section should describe the actual implementation of the task. It should be authored by the engineer(s) implementing the task. Please add any relevant information to facilitate future support and maintenance.

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