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     5== User Story == 
     7Orca should be able to create a virtual machine with a data network associated with a given, already configured VLAN.  
     9== Technical Specification == 
     11Here is some information derived from an email conversation with David Becker about xen and vlans: 
     14David Becker wrote: 
     15> First requirement is a xen0 kernel with VLAN tagging 
     16> enabled (CONFIG_VLAN_8021Q, 8021q.ko module).  Also 
     17> dom0 needs the vconfig program (vlan package in debian systems). 
     19> I'll use a running example here with vlan77 as the vlan 
     20> to pass into the domU VM, vlan135 as the vlan dom0 uses, 
     21> and port gi1/7 as the port dom0 is connected to. 
     23> On dom0, create the vlan nic: 
     24>        modprobe 8021q 
     25>        vconfig add eth0 77 
     26>        ifconfig eth0.77 up 
     28> Create a bridge and add the new nic: 
     29>        brctl addbr vlan.77 
     30>        brctl addif vlan.77 eth0.77 
     31>        ifconfig vlan.77 up 
     33> For VM creation, specify the bridge explicitly in the 
     34> vif request: 
     35>        vif="mac=aa:00:98:03:8d:ca,bridge=vlan.77" 
     37> Once a VM 1 is up, brctl show should display: 
     38>     # brctl show 
     39>          bridge name     bridge id               STP enabled 
     40> interfaces 
     41>          vlan.77         8000.0015c5e8c93e       no              eth0.77 
     42>                                                                  vif1.0 
     45> On the cisco/IOS side, the port has to be switchmode trunk. 
     46> I also set the native vlan to the vlan that dom0 needs for booting. 
     47> For good measure, this example also sends a bunch of other vlans into 
     48> dom0. 
     49> The interface config we use is: 
     51> interface GigabitEthernet1/7 
     52>   description Trunk link to dom0 off port gi1/7 
     53>   switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,77,135-144,146-1005 
     54>   switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q 
     55>   switchport trunk native vlan 135 
     56>   switchport mode trunk 
     57>   no snmp trap link-status 
     58>   spanning-tree portfast 
     59> end