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    108108 * we need to keep three maps: user tokens to image tokens, image tokens to image elements and storage consumed, and content hashes to their objects 
     110== NDL Integration == 
     112 * Describe site delegations in NDL (ILIA)  
     113  * What I'm proposing is that in addition to an RDF file describing substrate there are one or more rdf files describing delegations, not dissimilar to the current request in rdf, where there is a topology description and then a Reservation object that lists members (URLs, unique names) of nodes and links that belong to the request. We can have a similar Delegation object class that is described inside a separate file referencing individuals from the substrate description. You can have several files describing several reservations (to e.g. different brokers). Since in RDF every delegation is a unique object with a unique name/URL, all that needs to be put in the export stanza of the config.xml file in this case is the URL of the delegation (and a reference to the rdf file describing it; note that there is not a one-to-one correspondence between files and delegations: they can all be in separate files or in one file). The config processor would need to rip the substrate RDF and the delegation RDFs which reference the objects in the substrate RDF, convert the delegations into unit counts and form traditional ORCA delegations that are used internally. This has the advantage of not impacting internal logic, but bringing order to the use of RDF as a resource description mechanism in ORCA without manually replicating delegation information in config.xml as is done today.