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Creating a customized xCAT image for a Eucalyptus worker node


This document describes how to create a custom xCAT image that will contain a Eucalyptus worker node and how to connect it to the already existing Eucalyptus master node.

Required modifications for Centos 5.5

Assuming you are starting from a Centos 5.5 here are the modifications that are required to turn a stock Centos 5.5 install into a Eucalyptus worker. Presumably a tar file containing Eucalyptus worker already exists. By default Eucalyptus is presumed to be installed under /opt/eucalyptus-2.0

  • Install prerequisites (admittedly this list contains both binary and development prerequisites):
    # yum install -y java-1.6.0-openjdk-devel ant ant-nodeps libvirt-devel curl-devel httpd httpd-devel apr-devel openssl-devel dhcp libxml2 libxml2-devel gnutls gnutls-devel xen-devel libgcrypt-devel zlib-devel perl-Convert-ASN1 perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Random chkfontpath scsi-target-utils fuse-libs swig gcc
  • Make sure libvirtd is runnig and 'virsh list' can execute:
    # virsh list
     Id Name                 State